Hand-built ceramics by Tanya Kucharski

Hello Again

Welcome to my new blog, I will be posting every few weeks with tips, tricks and general pottery related info. I will be talking about what I am doing, and what I have been making. Processes, glazes etc. There may even be a video or two, along with news relating to stockists and other places where you can find my work. I might even add a bit of wool/weaving related content but more on that in later posts.

So, here is a bit about me and my process, inspirations and setup.

My name is Tanya Kucharski and I am a ceramic artist based in Moray NE Scotland.  If the name is familiar, it’s because I used to run The Buckie Pottery Co with my partner Jim.

I studied at art college in Wales many years ago and came back to ceramics in my early fifties.  I have now been making and selling my work for about 8 years.

My aim is to make feel good pieces both functional and decorative that will fit and look great  anywhere.

My work is influenced by just about everything that I see about me, land, sea, and those who live and work on them.   I work with stoneware and earthenware clays and I love experimenting to creating eye catching and colourful effects with the glazes I use.

My method is mainly hand building.  I really like the organic look for the the things I make.  Not many sharp corners and a lovely curve where ever possible!   I enjoy the process of adding lots of relief and inlaid surface decoration.  

When I start to make a piece, I have an idea of what I want to achieve but I am never sure exactly how it will turn out until it’s finished.  I don’t really plan very much, the idea is usually just in my head, then my hands try to interpret that idea, its always a bit of an adventure!  I enjoy working in this fashion, almost allowing the piece a ‘say’ in how it develops.  I find it gives me freedom of expression without the design and the process becoming too rigid.  

I work from my home studio, which is quite small, but perfectly formed.   Creative use of the space is vital as its a never ending challenge to fit everything (and me) in!  

I will be back again in a couple of weeks with another post containing: General info.

Glaze before and after pictures.  Including glaze application and brand info.

Kiln first look in the kiln.

Plus much more.