Hand-built ceramics by Tanya Kucharski


Hello and welcome to my second post.  I have entitled the post Summer but maybe I was just dreaming!  I thought I would start by sharing a quick how to.  This is how I like to make spherical shapes by hand building two bowls using a simple turned mould.  These are then joined together.  This one was made as a vase.

My friend Kath O’Reilly and I have been exhibiting our work at Logie Steading Estate.  Kath is a fabulous multi talented crafter and artist and is showing her beautiful textile work, together with inspired art work.  I have been showing my ceramics.  I have a new range of stoneware that has made its debut at this exhibition.

The next shop update will be towards the end of next week, this will be advertised on Facebook and Instagram.  Please follow my profile TKUCeramika for more details.